“Dorey is absolutely incredible to work with! I have worked with her on several different occasions for all different types of projects and she never ceases to amaze me. She puts her all into everything she does and makes our work together fun and easy! Her designs are creative and so beautiful. Everyone who sees her work is always incredibly impressed. If you are looking for any sort of design or photography work - you must use Dorey!!! We love her so much.”

- Heidi Burns Hilton / Founder of Project Happy Hearts / Los Angeles, CA

“Dorey is AMAZING!!! She's has a wonderful eye for capturing the best moments. Dorey did our engagement photos and wedding photos, both sets of photos exceeded our expectations. We received so many compliments about how beautiful our photos turned out. I would hire Dorey again and again for anything and you should too!!!!!”

- Elysia Grasswick / Bride / Chicago, IL

“Dorey has been such an incredible creative asset to The Gauge Collective and her talent for design and branding is truly unmet. She has wow'd every client who has gotten to work with her and we truly value all of the input and professionalism she has brought to the team. I highly suggest utilizing Dorey when it comes to design, branding, and photography!”

- Teddy Heidt  / Owner & CEO of The Gauge Collective / Chicago, IL

"Check out @theinvicto. Dorey did an amazing job with all of our branding including our brand colors, logo, and packaging. She’s an amazing artist and designer. Highly recommend for entrepreneurs that need a partner to work closely with as you develop your brand."

- Franklin Wiener  / Owner & Co-Founder of Invicto, Naf Naf Grill, & Venture Kitchen / Chicagoland, IL

“Dorey is the best! I've been working with her for a year now and she is my go-to graphic designer. She is so easy to work with, responds to my requests in a timely manner, and always delivers amazing work! Thank you for everything, Dorey!”

- Satra Zarghami / Event Coordinator of Webb Investment Network / San Francisco, CA

“Hire Dorey for your wedding! You will not regret it. She is an artistic genius with Michelin star service skills. Dorey was a thousand times more organized than we were, so we basically learned how to plan our wedding from her. Even though it's a big party, a wedding is an intimate thing, with lots of precious and vulnerable moments - Dorey is the only human I would want behind a lens to capture them. The photographer is there for every single thing that happens so it matters a lot who she is. Dorey is so supportive, nonjudgmental, easy going, and good humored. It was wonderful to have her by my side the entire day. On top of it all, she captured everyone and everything about our wedding so beautifully. Going through the photos feels like reliving all the joy and sweetness of the day over again. It's really a priceless gift. I had no idea how important it would be to have these photos and I am so grateful to her for creating them. Full disclosure: Dorey is my best friend from high school, but don't let that make you think I'm biased. It's true that I would not have hired anyone else. If she didn't exist we probably wouldn't have had a wedding photographer at all. That would have been a huge mistake. I'm basically just incredibly lucky to know someone so talented.”

- Milana PeBenito / Bride / Petaluma, CA

“Dorey was a fantastic wedding photographer for us. Good listening, good attitude, good photos — good everything. We felt comfortable with her, and she captured the feel we were going for. The price was reasonable, too. Choosing her was a great decision that would make again in a heartbeat. Thanks, Dorey!”

- Jesse Lava / Groom / Chicago, IL

“This past year I became a first-time business owner. Having worked for a number of organizations in the past, I had a clear idea of what I didn't want to be and a vague idea of how to bring my vision to the world.

I went through different designers from various places and while all of them spent their time trying to shape my dream into reality nothing felt right, nothing clicked in the same way that it did in my imagination.

It was at this intersection where Dorey Kronick came into my life.

Dorey is responsive, curious, and absurdly talented. Most importantly, Dorey is patient! She doesn't rush through the consultation process. She believes in taking her time and making sure she has a grasp on the concept. She will hold you accountable to the big questions and provides more examples than you could ask for. Once you've picked a direction she sets intentional dates to check- in and in my experience completes the project before the due date to allow time for feedback and fine tuning.

Since working with Dorey I've recommended her to personal colleagues, close friends, and any one under the sun looking to make something to put out into the world. All of them have come away impressed.

If you found her, hire her.”

- Dr. Fabrice Lubin  / Owner & Lead Psychotherapist of For Real Therapy / Chicago, IL

"Simply put, Dorey Kronick is one of the best designers I've worked with! I have utilized the professional, reliable, and creative design services of Dorey for some of my biggest projects that have gone to market, including multiple book cover designs, event invitations, t-shirts, beanies, and an array of other projects. I have worked with a lot of designers over the years, but I have been extremely impressed with how professional, patient, and creative Dorey has been on many of our projects. Because of her wonderful work and attributes, Dorey will continue to be my go-to designer. I highly recommend her work!"

- John Schenk  / Owner & Publisher at John Schenk & Associates, LLC / Dallas, TX

"Working with Dorey on my brand redesign was a great experience. Whether it's logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, icons, photos, or web design, Dorey can help. Not only that, but she's very knowledgeable about her field and is able to provide an array of useful online and print resources that helped me get the most out of our work together. I highly recommend her for your next brand redesign or promotional campaign! "

- Adam Robbert / Owner of Pacific Editing & The Side View / San Francisco, CA

"Dorey is the best! You will not find another photographer that works as hard and as dedicated as she does. Dorey is extremely professional and takes her time making sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am in love and obsessed with every picture Dorey has sent me. Dorey took my engagement pictures and wedding pictures, and I couldn't be happier!"

- Ashley Stephens / Bride / Raleigh, NC

"Dorey is one of the most talented and dedicated graphic designers I've ever worked with. Our band has relied on her for almost all of our design/photography because she is so consistently awesome at her job, and she reads her clients so well that I barely ever need to even give her direction - she takes small ideas and makes them big, creating long-lasting brand identities. I would highly recommend hiring her - both in the short-term and in the long-term. She's the kind of person you definitely want to keep working with!"

- Sam Brownson / Lead Singer & Guitarist of Sedgewick / Chicago, IL

"Dorey did an unbelievable job photographing our wedding day! Not only was she a joy to work with, she took such time and care editing and crafting the photos to help us create a wonderful momento of the day! Highly recommend!"

- Laura Camerer / Bride / Chicago, IL

"Working with Dorey was such a dream! She came to our house and took photos of my little family a few months ago, and while I'm usually not very comfortable in front of the camera, she's so personable and laid back that I felt like I was hanging out with a friend rather than having my photo taken. Before our session, we chatted about our vision for the shoot and I shared a few inspiration shots with her, and she came prepared to take the style of photos we'd like (including bringing a few props to the shoot!). Dorey is great with kids and is flexible about taking breaks when little ones need to eat or get changed or just enjoy a minute without a camera in their face. I've recommended her to several friends!"

- Anni Metz / Owner of Ethica Collective / Chicago, IL

"Honestly, I do not know where to begin! (Which is exactly what I told Dorey when we first started working on my website.) I was overwhelmed and nervous about creating a site - thank goodness for Dorey. She is truly talented, professional and her creative eye is like none other. She helped guide me through a tech world I feel ill equipped to deal with in such a graceful, upbeat manner. Working with her has been such a joy and she was able to streamline the creative process in a way that was easier for me to tackle. She brought my site to life and I had a great time throughout the process. (She even taught me how edit it myself!) The cherry on top - she was totally warm, patient, and sweet from start to finish! If I could, I would give her way more than 5 stars... more like 20 gold shooting stars."

- Samantha Joslyn / Owner of Bewitched Beauty / Walnut Creek, CA

"Dorey is amazing! She was able to bring designs out of my head that I didn’t even now were in there! I couldn’t describe what I wanted with my logo, and didn’t even know exactly what I wanted, and yet, somehow she created designs that are totally me and exactly what I was looking for. Dorey has a real gift of understanding people and creating designs that fit the individual/brand."

- Amy Thompson / Owner of Amy Thompson Photography / Oakland, CA

"Dorey is so talented!!! I don't have the vocabulary necessary to convey how incredibly excited I was to see my logo ideas come into fruition. She is amazing!"

- Jason Lutz / Owner of Honey Forms LLC / Denver, CO

"Style. Humor. Freshness. Brightness. And a certain Joie de Vivre. Those are the words I often used to describe Dorey's design work - and, if I am being thorough - her personality. When we were looking for a designer to help take our design communication to the next level, there was simply no competition to Dorey's work after weeks of interviews. She has a brilliant way of telling a story - with a very specific time and place - with her work. She was easy, pleasant, and interested in hearing feedback on her craft. There were several times we had some very specific - but completely unintelligible ideas that we needed her to incapsulate, and she was always able to read between the lines to deliver something truly fresh and innovative. I loved working with Dorey - and look forward to crossing paths with her again in the future."

- Mike Ganino / Operating Partner at Protein Bar Restaurants / Chicago, IL

"Dorey is an amazing graphic designer. She is very efficient and makes sure to get all of your ideas out on the table before she starts designing. Then she takes your ideas and turns them into something even better and more beautiful than you could have imagined. Some of her work can be found throughout our website. I am very happy to have worked with Dorey and I wouldn't use any other graphic designer!"

- Rebecca Borough / Owner of #KNIT Marketing / Los Angeles, CA

"Dorey is a bright star who really loves to create and refine both beautiful and functional designs. I had the pleasure to work along side Dorey on many photoshoots for in-store and product imagery, as well as strategizing their successful integration into larger project management flow. She has a great eye and passion for the craft of bringing energy and life to illustration. I would also recommend Dorey for any organization that embraces the notion of individual contribution, as she was always a reliable source for a strong well thought-out perspective that arrives with a professional collaborative cheer."

- Phil Fox / Executive Chef at Protein Bar / Chicago, IL

"Dorey was so wonderful to work with and her attitude was so refreshing."

- Bob Knuth / Art Director at Second City / Chicago, IL

"Dorey is one of my all-time favorite candidates to work with."

- Amy Banks / Recruiter at Creative Circle / Chicago, IL